Villa San Carlo

The Wine Shop

In 2020, Antonia and Cristina Pavesi, who are receptive to market trends and to investing in their land, took the decision to open the Wine Shop in the village of Montorio, a short walk from the Winery.

This location is undergoing restoration, in particular some of the buildings in the “Ex Sapel” area, a valuable industrial archaeology site. Set up in the mid-19th century as a manufacturing complex for wool processing, it is now being functionally converted and enhanced as part of several redevelopment projects.

The Wine Shop has therefore allowed us to reconnect with the urban fabric as part of a broader social project: New Heritage 1H. In addition to the shop selling the Winery’s products, the Villa San Carlo premises also feature a large tasting room equipped for show cooking sessions, cultural meetings, workshops, and both private and corporate events.