Villa San Carlo

The Estate

Located in the hills east of Verona, just outside the city, the Villa San Carlo Estate is a large and unspoilt haven of greenery, covering 70 hectares in total, 20 of which are planted with vines. Its beating heart is the elegant 18th-century villa, which nowadays boasts an eclectic neoclassical style of architecture dating back to the early 20th century.

With its vineyards, olive groves and acres of pure woodland, the Estate overlooks a village dating back to pre-Roman times: with its impressive castle ruins, Montorio Veronese has become renowned for its clear spring waters. The Romans had realised how valuable this water was and channelled it into an aqueduct that served the entire settlement of Verona.

Its perfect southwest exposure, the mild and breezy climate, the quality of the calcareous soil and the differences in altitude, which create an ideal microclimate for the grape varieties, are what make this hillside, with its ancient terraces, particularly suited to cultivation. This natural and architectural heritage has thus been preserved over the years, thanks to love and respect for the land.

Facing the sunset, the Villa, from the top of Mount Martinelli, looks out onto the horizon and, as the sun sets over the Morainic hills, it offers a charming interplay of light and shade and a breathtaking view of the area around Verona.