Villa San Carlo adheres to FIVI

Among the many innovations for 2022, the confirmation of our adhesion to FIVI the Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers marks an important step because with FIVI we share the values, the ethic code and the philosophy. FIVI is the custodian of an authentic viticulture, expression of the territories, bearer of increasingly recognized and appreciated values ​​in the wine market.

With the aim of representing the figure of the winegrower in front of institutions, promoting the quality and authenticity of Italian wines, FIVI is a non-profit organization that supports and defends important criteria of the entire supply chain: the cultivation of its own vineyards, vinification of one’s own grapes, bottling within the company and the sale of the own products under one’s own responsibility, name and label.

The winemaker respects the oenological standards of the profession, limiting the use of unnecessary additives, focusing his attention on the production of healthy grapes that do not need cellar make-up.

Through this ethic code, FIVI is not only seen as a strong representative of each individual winegrower in a world where wine is increasingly industrialized, but is considered by the final consumer as a guarantor of quality.