500 ml
From 10 hectares of secular olive trees facing south-west and arranged on ancient terraces between woods and vineyards, a light fruity oil with a pleasant spiciness, delicate but at the same time persistent.


PRESSING: Milling at the end of the day.

VISUAL ANALYSIS: clear due to filtration, correct fluidity, green in colour with intense golden yellow highlights.

OLFACTORY ANALYSIS: Citrus fruit and pear aromas provide harmonious fruitiness. Further notes include oregano and rosemary and a lingering sweet almond finish.

TASTE ANALYSIS: Balanced and smooth on the palate. Slightly fruity with a marked spiciness. Delicate yet persistent, the aromas of citrus fruits and white fruits, which are characteristic of this region, are perfectly complemented by notes of sweet almond and aromatic herbs which, along with the pleasant bitter aftertaste of artichokes, give this oil a harmonious taste.

FOOD PAIRINGS: An excellent food enhancer, it is ideal to give raw and cooked vegetables a pleasant flavour, to season classic hot bruschetta bread, to enhance the flavour of puréed vegetable soup, to finish off white or red meat dishes and fish dishes, and to add a velvety touch to steak or fish tartare. It makes for an interesting pairing with dairy products, since it brings out the fresh taste of milk and adds strong herbaceous notes.