The Winery

Surrounded by vineyards, our winery is located at approximately 300 metres above sea level, in a strategic spot on the estate that allows us to minimise time between grape harvesting and processing, as well as to control temperature and microbiological proliferation. The facility, which originally housed a farmer’s cellar and the old stables and barns, was laid out in such a way as to ensure that the grapes are processed correctly.

In fact, the first area is where the grapes are received and the bunches are destemmed, instead of pressing them, in order to keep the berries intact and allow for more gentle processing.

The next area is the pressing and fermentation area. In order to ensure that the essence of this land and grape varieties are fully reflected in the wine, neither sulphur dioxide nor corrective additives are used.

Instead, bioprotection techniques are applied and undesirable microorganisms are naturally controlled.

botti d'acciaio in cantina prese dal basso verso l'alto

foto di botti in legno all'interno della cantina Villa San Carlo

In our winemaking facility we have stainless steel tanks of different sizes, ranging from 10 to 100 hectolitres, which allows us to ferment small plots of grapes separately so that we can maximise their value. All the tanks are equipped with a temperature control system and have smooth surfaces that are easy to wash and sanitise.

In another area, where the wine is aged in wood, we have 500 litre casks and large 10 and 20 hectolitre barrels, all made of French oak. In order to make sure the wines are fully enhanced and that each wine is aged appropriately, the containers used differ depending on the thickness of the staves, the origin of the wood, the more or less concentrated toasting, and the years of use.

fase di imbottigliamento del vino, particolare della macchina e le bottiglie

Personale in cantina con le botti di vino sul retro

Bottling takes place at our winery using a mobile service, carefully chosen to ensure the utmost care and the highest possible quality during the final stage. The bottles are rinsed out, saturated with nitrogen and corked before being laid down to rest for a long time. When bottling our wines at our winery, we strive to ensure a high level of cleanliness and hygiene, attention to detail and care.

Our winemaking philosophy is based on ongoing research and experimentation with the aim of obtaining and preserving the true essence of this land and of each vineyard and grape variety, with all their characteristics and specific identity.